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Table of contents

Designing Database-Bound Objects for Use in Web Applications

Application Architecture

Mine::Pic::Gallery Application

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Database Connections

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Caching SQL

Intelligent Objects


Simple Objects

Simple Objects – Refresh Operations

Embedded Data Objects

Embedded Objects – Refresh Operations

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Compound Objects

Compound Objects – Access Control

Compound Objects – Taint Control

Compound Objects – Child Object Creation

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Example – Compound Objects

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Example – Setting NODE

Example – Getting NODE

Room for improvement

DB::Objects module

Performance Issues

In conclusion…

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Author: Issac Goldstand

E-mail: margol att beamartyr dt net


Further information:
Originally presented at YAPC::Israel::2003

Downloads: (This mirror is already somewhat out of date - use CPAN instead)

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Note: The module namespace has been changed to DBIx::Objects instead of DB::Objects to make some CPAN purists happy