AutoRun For X-Chat

Kudos to The Wayback Machine for quitely archiving this page to save it from the evil VirtualAvenue people.

Current Versions

Development: Also see download instructions and archive.


AutoRun is now fully compatible (or so I think) with the Win32 port of X-Chat. Previously, there were problems with the configuration files not saving.

VirtualAvenue has once again played with the paths on their servers, and unfortunately, I didn't know about it for a long time (probably because my other, more popular FormFeeder project moved to SourceForge, and being that noone's given me feature suggestions for AutoRun, it's been sitting around lamely getting no attention). My aplologies. In any case, kudos to Wimp for pointing this out to me.


AutoRun is a script that offers login script capabilities to
X-Chat, the standard IRC client for LINUX. It is based on regular expressions (based on perl 5.005_03) to offer scripts that can run on multiple servers. The script's frontend is access by the command /autorun inside X-Chat.


AutoRun Commands
add <servermask> <command>Adds a command to <servermask>. Also, adds <servermask> to the list of registered servers, if it does not yet exist.
list [servermask]Lists commands for [servermask] or lists all registered servermasks if mask is not provided
remove <servermask> <number>Removes command with index <number> from <servermask>. Also, unregisters <servermask> if it is empty
exec <servername>Executes script as if it were logging on to server <servername>. This parses through all servermasks, and if <servername> matches any, they are executed. If verbosity is on, then commands will be echoed to the IRC console in the current window.
verbose [ON|OFF]Toggles verbose mode, or displays whether or not verbosity is activated

Older Versions & Change Log

NOTE - April 2005: None of these links work anymore. At some point, perhaps I'll have some free time (haha!) and rescue them all from the Wayback Machine, but until then, they're just for show and are all broken links

Version 1.05Minor fix to allow configuration files to be saved properly under Win32 - at least I hope they're saving OK - Let me know if it doesn't work for you.
Version 1.04Fixed script to work with VirtualAvenue's banners embeded in the bottom, since I can't seem to get rid of them :) Sorry, VirtualAve, but it's true!
Version 1.03Added verbosity. Fixed so-called IDIOT-PROOF bug that added masks multiple times when script was reloaded.
Version 1.02Added multiple server support. Switched from single script to multiple servers. Added version control file, and backwards compatible code. Added .ini style configuration file. Cleaned up the source code a bit. This was the first "real" version
Version 1.01This was an internal revision at wasn't released. It also dosn't exist in the archive.
Version 1.00aAlpha version. 'nuf said :-)

Download & Install instructions

To download, simply click on the download format link and save the script in your .xchat directory as Then, reload xchat, or type /LOAD ~/.xchat/ To view inline help, simply type /autorun help from inside X-Chat.
Win32 Users: Download as instructed above, save to your Program Files\xchat directory (or wherever you installed xchat). Load the script by simply typing /LOAD from any pane.

Questions and comments are welcome, as are feature requests and suggestions.

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