Hi there. This is where I tend to archive projects, presentations and rants that I've written over the years. At some point, when I find the time (and motive!), I'll get around to whipping up some CSS to make this prettier (but you're not here for the looks anyway, right?)



Here are some articles, howtos and other random bits of information that I've written

Other opensource projects that I work on

Help support me and my development

I'll be honest. I'd really like to get to more conferences, expand my horizons, or just be able to kick back and spend more time developing opensource just for the sake of developing opensource. If you'd like to help, this is the way to do it!

PS: I know the above PayPal link doesn't use the above EWP module. The reasons for that are:

  1. It was written before EWP was available, and uses a different method of slight-of-hand to make it harder than clicking view-source to check (no that's not a challenge - it's not that hard :-) )
  2. EWP is only available for Premier/Business accounts. That means that I'd have to give PayPal $0.30 plus 3% of your donations if I want to be a showoff. Why bother?

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